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Photo and video activations that bring your brand to life.

We create engaging and interactive experiences, ensuring your guests have fun while putting your brand in the spotlight.

Your brand in the spotlight.

Step into an interactive experience like no other! Not only do your guests have a blast, but our activations also ensures you establish a direct and meaningful connection with them.

When you hire our expert team, we breathe life into your brand, providing your guests with shareable content that sparks instant brand awareness and social proof among your ideal customers. By staying top of mind, you let your attendees become your brand ambassadors!

Let's start planning your event

Our mission is to boost your brand’s online presence while making your event unforgettable. How do we achieve this? Through our innovative photo and video activations, we create personalized moments that not only captivate your guests but also ignite their desire to share online.

With custom-branded designs, our photo experiences become a fun and engaging extension of your brand. Your guests will be eager to snap, pose, and create lasting memories they’ll WANT to post about.

But we don’t stop there! Our photo booth is equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling a seamless call to action. Your guests can instantly share their captures through custom email and text messages. Every share opens up a whole new opportunity for your brand to shine.

Valuable analytics + share data.

Our activations deliver a tangible ROI through data collection at your event. Gain valuable insights with event share data, including phone numbers, emails, and survey answers, enabling seamless connections with your guests.

Let's start planning your event

Let’s start planning your amazing event.